September the 11th, 2001: The Black Swan that Flew Through the Sky…


Today is the day to remember.

It marks 15 years of suffering and pain.

Thousands of lives lost to suicidal terrorists.

The impossible. The unpredictable. The destructive capacity of terror.

The Black Swan that hit the world harder than a slab of concrete to the face.


Above: 9/11 (top), aftermath (middle), and the Pentagon attack (bottom).

The key lesson to all civilizations is that anything can happen. The American scholar Nassim Nicholas Taleb came up with a theory of describing randomness and uncertainty. The Black Swan Theory: “unpredictable events are much more common than people think and are the norm and not the exception.”

Whether it comes down to the burning wreckage at Glasgow Airport, the thick black smoke rising into the air during the Boston Bombings, the destruction of historic heritage sites, or the torn-out remains of the iconic red double-decker bus, we must recognise something. One thing: this is terrorism. This is the evil ideology that we fight against.

Compounding this phenomena of uncertainty is the truism that we cannot always, and with complete accuracy, predict the future. What is right today, may be wrong tomorrow, but it may not stay wrong forever. What is common knowledge today, may not be common knowledge in the future. Our next generation needs to know that the world has evil in it. It has bad people who hate them for being them. That’s the cold, hard truth.

Another vital lesson is that anything can be used as a means to an end for the transcendental terrorist. Whether aeroplanetruck, knife, gun, or home-made explosive. Terrorists will find a way to meet their ends. Rational or irrational. For worldly or out-of-this-world gain. They hate you. They want to hurt you.

Rest in Peace to all the souls who lost their lives this day. We will forever remember you. We will always be willing, we will always be persistent in, and we will lay down everything in, fighting this great evil that is terrorism.


We will never forget… We will never forgive…

September the 11th, 2001…



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