3 Myths of Terrorism

Raghu Raman explains three myths of terrorism:

  1. Only certain people are affected by terrorism.
    • In fact, everyone is affected by terrorism. Non-productive and non-critical expenditure on security services do not help citizens and they affect all citizens. Road accidents are the primary example in this case.
    • What happens in one part of the world affects another. An airliner gets taken down? Airport security is ramped up and procedures change across the world.
  2. There is such a thing as zero tolerance to terrorism.
    • Zero tolerance to terrorism is a largely empty statement to massage public fear.
    • If zero tolerance was true, you would have to be highly intolerant of every single crime because you cannot determine what crime is being involved in terrorism. It is impossible to police ALL crime.
  3. We can defeat terrorism using technology and demanding more and more.
    • Apparently, we can combat terrorism with more CCTV, more bulletproof jackets, more gadgets, more boots on the ground and more guns. This is not true.
    • Terrorism is not solved through technological means. Terrorism is the disease and a good society is the vaccination.

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