Terrorism: A Quotidian Danger

Thirty plus years ago, writers looked upon terrorism as a threat – but not a daily threat. Today, it is a daily threat in many countries around the world. For others, it is a near-daily threat. For the lucky, it may occur every few years or so. One cannot go a week without hearing about a deadly suicide bombing or terrorist attack on the planet. Mass media plants the headlight on it. Terrorism is once again in the limelight, where those who perpetrate it want it to be.


Above: Source here.

Thirty plus years ago, fear overtook the population after a terrorist atrocity. But it soon settled as time went on. The population got back on track. Demands were met or the situation changed and thus the fear died down. Now, there is a constant sense of danger. The randomness, intensity and frequency of attacks makes the broader public fearful. “Lone Wolf” and “Known Wolf” attacks are the fashion. Attacks keep occurring.

Terrorist demands are not rational in the religious or ideological realm, either. Which is what we are currently facing. The ideological leanings of many present day terrorists blind them. The appeal of worldly demands is less important vis-a-vis their ideology. Religious terrorists pursue religious goals, sometimes these pursuits are aimed at achieving the afterlife, rather than living in the real world. The danger becomes amplified. Who will radicalise next? Them? Him? Her? You? How can you possibly stop it?

This magnifies the sense of danger further. When will it stop? Religious interpretation is open-ended, thus there is more than likely always going to be a base of radicals that use the religion in a violent way. We come to a morbid conclusion: terrorism is not going anywhere, it is here to stay. And for some, it is a daily threat. For others, especially those fighting it on the ‘frontlines,’ it is a daily occurrence.


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