The Laundry List of Excuses for Terrorism

It is their fault, because:

  • They subscribed to an extreme frame of religion:
    • Islamic extremism. Islamism.
    • Hindu nationalism.
    • Christian terrorism.
    • Jewish extremism. Zionism.
  • They subscribed to an extreme frame of politics:
    • Fascism.
    • Nazism.
    • Ultranationalism.
    • Neo-nazism.
    • Revolutionary socialism.
    • Radical identity politics.
  • They subscribed to an ideological-driven cause that lead to violence:
    • Racism and anti-racism.
    • Religionism.
    • Revenge, vigilantism and vengeance violence.
    • Reciprocal violence.
  • They are motivated by emotion:
    • Hate, anger, frustration.
  • They subscribe to extreme single-issue causes:
    • Environmental protection.
    • Anti-abortion.
    • Anti-government.
  • They are simply “radicals” or “extremists” – which, when used this way, is apparently a state of being rather than a complex ideology and set of behaviours.

It is our fault, because:

  • We failed to get them a job due to…
    • Societal discrimination.
    • Overt racism.
    • Subvert racism.
  • We invaded another country or helped in the said invasion effort…
    • We funded groups with weapons.
    • We gave groups training.
  • We have committed to war…
    • And thus we are responsible for all ‘revenge’ acts of violence.
  • We created an incompatibility…
    • Our cultures did not fit.
    • We did not try hard enough.
  • An historical event has happened:
    • The Crusades.
    • The Colonial period.
    • Transatlantic slavery.
  • We intervened in other state affairs…
  • We failed to stop it from happening.

This post will be updated in the future.


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