Push and Pull Factors

There are two primary factors in what draws or pushes – sometimes forces – someone to radicalise. You are either forced or coerced into it, you are pushed into it; or you are attracted to it, you are pulled into it. These factors work together to Here is an example below using a terrorist or radical organisation as the blueprint.

Push Factors:

  • An attack on a member or members of the organisation.
  • A terrorist attack igniting anger, fear and panic within the organisation.
  • An attack on your community relating to the central theme of the organisation.
  • Heinous crimes committed relating to the group’s central theme (e.g. mass rapes or executions against the groups nationality or religious brethren).
  • Political or religious persecution.

Pull Factors:

  • Friends and/or family belong to the organisation.
  • An organisations status (e.g. the “top dog” organisation).
  • An organisations level of sophistication and coordination.
  • An organisations attractiveness (e.g. internal culture, level of activity and other appeals).
  • A steady income (a job associated with the organisation).
  • Fundamentalism and the “truest” form of a system – whether religious or political.
  • A way of letting out personal views (an open forum in a closed culture; political freedom and freedom of expression) as well as a way of getting rid of boredom and repetitiveness.
  • A purpose, a sense of doing something worthy and valuable.

References: Here and here.

This will be updated in the future as there are numerous factors out there.


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