Rockwell’s Four Phases of Gaining Power

George Lincoln Rockwell, the famous White Supremacist and neo-Nazi, developed four phases of gaining power:

  • Phase One: Become known. This includes “getting in the headlines,” rallies and promotional material.
  • Phase Two: develop leadership cadres. Teaching about white right’s, the anti-white movement, miscegenation and party tactics.
  • Phase Three: mass recruitment. This includes public relations; toning down the party in order to become more mainstream, recasting the party as legitimate. Instigating tensions that increase party membership, i.e. racial riots.
  • Phase Four: taking of power, mass action. A crisis situation leads to rapid expansion. Paramilitary substrata of the movement begins to take control by force, in direct confrontations with the government and the security apparatus of the State.

References: Siege by Jason Mason and here.


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